Mediation Costs

Simon will usually offer a fixed fee mediation. Mediation costs will depend on the monetary value and complexity of the dispute. The following fees are for an 8 hour mediation and are a guideline only and subject to separate agreement in all cases.

Amount in dispute (£) Fee per party
£0 – £49,999 £1,000
£50,000 – £499,999 £1,500
£500,000+ Contact Simon

Mediations of non-monetary disputes will generally be charged at £1,500 per party.

Please contact Simon for half day Mediation Fees.

Basic Mediation Fees Include:

  • Communications with the parties or their representatives in advance of the mediation
  • Up to 4 hours preparation time
  • Travel and accommodation within the UK
  • The first 8 hours of the mediation
  • The first 2 hours of any follow up which may be required by phone or email

Additional time in the mediation will be charged at £150 per party per hour or as otherwise agreed.

All mediation costs quoted are exclusive of VAT

Legal & Regulatory

Mediation terms
For a draft mediation agreement click here

Code of Conduct
Simon adheres to the European Code of Conduct for Mediators. Click here to view a copy.

Please raise these with Simon first. Complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days and responded to within 21 working days. If we cannot resolve a complaint between us please refer to the Civil Mediation Council’s Complaints Resolution procedure.